Our wonderful participants! Joshua Hogan

Our Wonderful Participant!

Joshua Hogan
by Deirdre Gordon - Senior Coordinator

Joshua Hogan has been with ACCnet21 for 2 years now and we have supported Joshua with social and community opportunities in this time.

Joshua is studying a Bachelor of Mathematics degree at Armidale and last year he achieved a distinction in subjects undertaken. Joshua studies 9am-5pm six days a week as a minimum and his diligence and commitment is inspiring.

He loves a chat when he isn’t studying and has a very broad knowledge base. Joshua has an interest in Japan and a desire to visit there. He is interesting to talk to with maths, physics and Japanese being just a few of his interests.

More recently he wanted to carve a duck out of wood. He could not afford the wood or the tools so he and his equally creative support worker Joanna Thorpe undertook to create a duck with layers of cardboard and papier-mache, mimicking wood. As you can see his duck is a puppet and he has done a great job hey!

"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on"