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We love getting behind important causes and we love supporting inspiring individuals who dare to chase their dreams! It is for that reason, that we are proud to announce that ACCNet21 has jumped into the waves and become an official sponsor of the Adaptive World Surfing Championships!

It is our privilege to have joined forces with Surfing Australia, as the major sponsor for the championship to be held later in the year at La Jolla, California. We are very proud to support this event, and we applaud the talented surfing professionals who challenge themselves to push the limits and achieve more.

Amongst these, is our very own Mark Stewart, husband of ACCnet21 Founder, Debbie Stewart, who is set to make a splash as he defends his World Title. We will be cheering for Mark and the entire Aussie team as they hit the waves – your commitment, courage and talent is an inspiration to us all!

You can learn more about Adaptive Surfing by going to – Surfing Australia