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As a quality Disability Service Provider, we strive to offer our clients a service that is compassionate, supportive and delivers each client the opportunity to choose the support they need.

Our years of experience in the industry has helped us in delivering valued solutions for all kinds of needs, ensuring our clients are leading and directing their support and care needs with collaborative input from family, friends, health professionals, staff and advocates.

With the recent announcement of a local disability service provider, going into voluntary administration we understand that hundreds of participants in South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales may be looking for additional support and care.  Despite the best efforts by this provider, many of their clients may now be searching for alternative solutions for their daily care and support.  You may be one of these individuals or you may have a friend who is looking to choose a service provider that can offer them quality support and stability in the delivery of their chosen supports.

We understand that this will be an incredibly difficult time for everyone involved – individuals and team members alike – and we would like to take this opportunity to offer our support.

At DJ Health Services we have set up a dedicated Support Team that have a priority to ensure any individuals looking to transition from another service provider will have minimal disruption in their care and support needs.

We Offer Support and Care

We do everything we can to ensure all our customer’s needs are met. Our Support Team respect and work hard to facilitate the interests and preferences of our clients, including providing support for home life, employment, learning, social activities and community participation.

Our Clients Are Our Biggest Reward

We value our clients and do everything possible to ensure their comfort and happiness is priority. We promote independence by empowering each of our clients to make daily life decisions that are best suited to their needs and goals. Our team feel as though it is a privilege to be the chosen service provider for our clients, and this is demonstrated in their commitment to ensure our clients can live the life they chose.

A Disability Service Provider with Passion

Everyone working in DJ Health Services does their job with passion. We have created a people-centred company full of talented, enthusiastic team members who enjoy coming to work every day. Our Support Team are passionate about each client and about ensuring they are taking control of their lives, achieving highly positive and individual outcomes.

Attention to Detail

We are a Service Provider that understands the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and what we can do to help clients navigate the NDIS process. We have extensive information available and are here to support each of our clients in preparing for their NDIS planning meetings and annual reviews.

Our focus is to ensure that clients get to decide what support they will access and how they will achieve their goals. We are never satisfied with ‘good enough’. Our hands-on, person-centred approach is the most effective way to ensure each of our clients get the quality service they deserve.

To further show our passion and commitment to the individuals living in Northern New South Wales or South-East Queensland we are offering a FREE Consultation where one of our Senior Support Members can have a one on one with you to discuss your future needs.  This FREE Consultation is open to enquiries, new and current clients.  We welcome the opportunity to further understand your needs and discuss what services we might be able to offer that will aid you on your pathway to better care and goal achievement.

If you know someone who needs advice or support, or you would like to secure your FREE Consultation with one of our Senior Support members, please contact us on any of the below:

1300 227 348 |

National Disability Insurance Scheme