Disability Housing

Does your loved one require specialised care
and accommodation?

Living with disability should not mean that you have to live without choices. Many people with a disability prefer to live within their own home, having access to various levels of care and support when required, whilst maintaining their independence.

DJ Health is building new properties, tailored to suit our clients needs and location preferences.

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    Have you been approved to receive Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) services?


    About DJ Health

    With service arms proudly across QLD, NSW and Victoria, DJ Health is committed to offering quality disability services, accommodation and care to the community.

    Our focus is on providing individual care and quality personalised solutions for Australians living with disability. In a response to a shortage of quality specialised accommodation in several regions, DJ Health is building new properties for SDA approved clients; and offering participants the opportunity to register their interest.

    Our Properties

    Approved applicants will have the opportunity to discuss their needs and be placed into a new home that has been built with their individual requirements in mind. Our homes will be completed to the highest standards and comply entirely with SDA specifications. Clients will have access to top quality support and services, tailored to their needs.

    Our quality homes and complete range of assisted living options are designed to give loved ones the peace of mind they crave, and our clients, the quality of living they deserve.

    We thank you for your enquiry.